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Title: Do Better ImageNet Models Transfer Better... for Image Recommendation ?
Authors: x REVOLVE Germain Short in Baby Blue size L also in MSXLXSXXS House Of Harlow Online Cheap Authentic TBlB99J
, Pablo Messina , Vicente Dominguez , Cheap Exclusive Comme Des Garçons Noir Kei Ninomiya round neck jumper 2018 Newest Shipping Outlet Store Online Hnk21soe
Comments: Submitted to DLRS Workshop co-located at RecSys
Subjects: Information Retrieval (cs.IR) ; Machine Learning (cs.LG)

Visual embeddings from Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) trained on the ImageNet dataset for the ILSVRC challenge have shown consistently good performance for transfer learning and are widely used in several tasks, including image recommendation. However, some important questions have not yet been answered in order to use these embeddings for a larger scope of recommendation domains: a) Do CNNs that perform better in ImageNet are also better for transfer learning in content-based image recommendation?, b) Does fine-tuning help to improve performance? and c) Which is the best way to perform the fine-tuning? In this paper we compare several CNN models pre-trained with ImageNet to evaluate their transfer learning performance to an artwork image recommendation task. Our results indicate that models with better performance in the ImageNet challenge do not always imply better transfer learning for recommendation tasks (e.g. NASNet vs. ResNet). Our results also show that fine-tuning can be helpful even with a small dataset, but not every fine-tuning works. Our results can inform other researchers and practitioners on how to train their CNNs for better transfer learning towards image recommendation systems.

Title: Formalizing the Cox-Ross-Rubinstein pricing of European derivatives in Isabelle/HOL
Authors: Mnacho Echenim , Hervé Guiol , Nicolas Peltier
Subjects: Logic in Computer Science (cs.LO) ; Pricing of Securities (q-fin.PR)

We formalize in the proof assistant Isabelle essential basic notions and results in financial mathematics. We provide generic formal definitions of concepts such as markets, portfolios, derivative products, arbitrages or fair prices, and we show that, under the usual no-arbitrage condition, the existence of a replicating portfolio for a derivative implies that the latter admits a unique fair price. Then, we provide a formalization of the Cox-Rubinstein model and we show that the market is complete in this model, i.e., that every derivative product admits a replicating portfolio. This entails that in this model, every derivative product admits a unique fair price.

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TN Lee
Kyber Network

Wallet integrations are essential to Kyber Network’s growth and adoption, which is why we could not be more thrilled to offer our token swap services to MyEtherWallet (MEW) in one of our biggest partnerships to date.

With more than 14 million web visits each month, MEW is arguably the most popular Ethereum wallet out there. Through its free and open-source interface, users can generate public keys and private keys to set up their own Ethereum paper wallets. They can store, send, and receive Ether as well as ERC-20 tokens. The website is also compatible with Geth, Mist, MetaMask, Jaxx, Ledger Nano S, and Trezor. Most importantly, there are no third-party servers, which means that MEW does not hold on to your tokens or private keys.

Integrating Kyber Network’s protocol with MEW’s interface will ensure greater token accessibility and portfolio management capabilities; millions of users will now be able to convert tokens instantly and with ease from within their MEW wallets. Even non-technical newcomers will find it a breeze to navigate the new interface and obtain the tokens of their choice. The high traffic from MEW will in turn increase Kyber Network’s market penetration and enhance its position as an integrated solutions provider in the blockchain ecosystem. “The integration with MEW is a major milestone for Kyber Network in our mission to bring a secure exchange platform to more mainstream users,” said Loi Luu, CEO of Kyber Network. “We are happy to realize this mission with a significant partner like MEW, a company that has always focused on making cryptocurrencies more usable and more accessible to users.”

This partnership with the Ethereum wallet giant is a validation of Kyber Network’s steady growth and product development. We are pleased to report that our platform has been running smoothly on the Ethereum network since February and we are confident of its capability to handle greater volumes than ever before. With that, we are officially opening our exchange to all users on April 30, 2018 . In the meantime, we will be working hard to improve the UI/UX of our platform. Expect a lineup of key upgrades and new features, including more token pairs to be unveiled in May. We might add that the month of June will be an important one for more than just this reason, and we urge everyone to remain patient, hopeful, and ever so supportive, as we roll out special updates in the coming weeks.

You can now trade on MEW by going to #swap

A NEW MEW — Kyber Network Integrates with MyEtherWallet

And this would be, okay, we just have one font, and that one font knows, Hey, when you’re little, be like the little version of the font, and when you’re big, be like the big version of the font. And when you’re italic, the italics are actually computed and hand-coded into the same font and the bold is hand-coded into the same font.

Jeffrey: Is that what we’re looking at, Roger, for the future of something like Decovar?

Roger: Yeah. I think… Italic is the big challenge there. You’re probably going to end up with separate italic fonts. But in the simple italics, like something like Avenir italic, it’s mostly slanted anyway and just has some changes in some of the terminals to kind of make it more italic.

One of the things that Decovar shows is that you can change the x-height, you can slide up and down, or you can make other variations that are fun. And we hear a rumor that Adobe is going to support these fonts for desktop typesetting in the near future, maybe in the third quarter or maybe the fourth quarter of this year. That’s fun. I mean, that’s kind of interesting that they’re doing that. Because right now we’re talking about the web. But on the web we have a lot of SVG files for headings, for kind of static stuff that doesn’t have to be typeset, so there’s branding involved and all of that. And certainly in print it’d be fun to be able to make logos where you can make the text fit exactly in a rectangle that can be the same for different words—“baseball” and “basketball” could be fitted in the same rectangle…

Jeffrey: I want to make responsive logos, for instance, that’s just the graphic, and then above a certain size it’s the mark, and then above a certain size it’s the mark and type; and then the type, maybe there’s two different variants of the type. That’s coming soon; that’s gotta be coming soon.

Roger: Well, that I think is very, very possible. There’s an interesting site called Axis-Praxis, Valentino Eyewear oval glasses High Quality Online For Sale Finishline Get Authentic Online Outlet For Nice Cheap Fashionable KorSZtg0
’s site that you can go to— . You need a compliant browser, like the overnight build for Safari. He’s got some fun things like that you can play with right now. And I think you will—instead of using SVG, we could put fonts in there. What I was talking about is the desktop thing for an ad or something, or a publication design, that you want to print it, it’s not just web. So if Adobe gets in, and they’re one of the key members of this consortium that’s pushing this, this whole world could start taking place later this year. It already is happening, and all the browsers are working on it. I think the designer user interface, our interface for designing these things, is still up in the air.

Jeffrey: I think we have to wrap. We’re going to put Axis-Praxis in the show notes, and Outlet Store Sale Online Cheap Shop Offer Jacquemus extra slim fitted shirt Cheap Order uusbUtpS9w
in the show notes…

Roger: That’s it?

Jeffrey: No, I could do this all day. You guys are so brilliant. I love chatting with you. It even makes me feel smarter, and there’s so much to learn and so much to play with. I hope that folks will continue to read. We’re going to have Shop Cheap Online Discount Fashion Style Emilio Pucci contrast detail ribbed cardigan Discount Official Site eoS2ctnhrN
in the show notes, which is where Jen is showing the kinds of layouts that can now be done, for example, in CSS Grid, which we didn’t even get into. I would love to do this again in the future, because there’s so much. But I’m so sorry, my friends, I think we have to wrap things up.

Our websites may use cookies to personalize and enhance your experience. By continuing without changing your cookie settings, you agree to this collection. For more information, please see our University Websites Privacy Notice .

UCONN University of Connecticut
Sale Recommend Tagliatore collarless jacket Official Cheap Online Websites kfXs94W84

The University of Connecticut receives over 36,000 undergraduate applications for a limited number of spaces. Each application is reviewed carefully and is given maximum consideration. Admission to UConn is competitive. UConn does not reserve space in the incoming class for appealed admission decisions. If you wish to appeal your admission decision, the appeal must represent significant new academic information that was not present at the time of application review. This information should validate the application as stronger than when originally reviewed. Newly acquired awards or an increase in activities will not be considered for a decision reversal. To appeal your admission decision, the Admission Decision Appeal Coversheet is required of the date printed on your decision letter. Students may not submit an appeal for the Storrs Spring Admission Program, as acceptance to this program is by invitation-only.

The following documents must be sent to appeal a decision:

Once your appeal is received, it will be reviewed by our Admissions Committee who will make a final decision. Decisions will be determined after May 1 for freshman applicants. Decision reversals are uncommon and we encourage students to consider all other options in furthering their educations.

Appeals should be sent by postal mail directly to: The University of Connecticut Office of Undergraduate Admissions Attn: Appeal Process 2131 Hillside Road, U-3088 Storrs, Connecticut 06269-3088

Deferring Your Application for Admission

The University of Connecticut does not defer admission decisions for students who are unable to attend during the admitted semester term. If an applicant is accepted to UConn and is no longer able to attend at that time, the student must reapply for admission. The application will be reviewed and a new decision will be granted. Any prior admission decisions will have no bearing on the reapplication. Prior offers of merit scholarships or admission to the Honors Program are not guaranteed for reapplication.

University of Connecticut Office of Undergraduate Admissions 2131 Hillside Road, Unit 3088Storrs, Connecticut 06269-3088 Jacquemus ruffled top Where To Buy Cheap Real Fashionable Online Very Cheap Many Colors Looking For kL0qnY

University of Connecticut Office of Undergraduate Admissions

Phone +1 (860) 486 3137 Fax +1 (860) 486 1476Email